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Conker Comp

Conker Comp 2022

The Conker Comp Champion for 2022 is Finn from 5th class. Finn was up against Noah from 3rd class in the final and it was a very tense affair as both conkers appeared to be quite damaged. As the game progressed, no one could predict which conker would be the last one standing, and there was even a fear that both conkers would break simultaneously and that we would have no conker left from the 170 initial entries!  Well done to Finn!

Thank you to Claire Geary who upgraded our trophy for us. The Conker Comp trophy was donated a number of years ago by Claire in memory of her son, David, a past pupil. The trophy needed a new base to fit the names of the growing number of Conker Comp Champions and Claire ensured the trophy would last for many more years by having a new base added.

Conker Comp 2021

Liam from 3rd class has been crowned Conker Comp Champion 2021 after beating Caoan from 5th class in the final. 5th class were very hopeful that one of their own would  take the title as three of the four semi-finalists were 5th class boys. It wasn’t to be for them, however, and Liam took the title back to a very excited 3rd class. A powerful strike from Caoan resulting in the smashing of his own conker, it was one of many super shots taken by Caoan throughout the competition. Well done to Liam, our new champion, King of the Conkers for 2021!

Conker Comp 2020

This year’s competition took on a different format to usual due to Covid-19. The first few rounds were in-class competitions with two boys qualifying from each class (1st to 6th). The final twelve boys battled it out to become King of the Conkers with Jimmy in 6th taking the title on Friday, October 23rd. His conker was still in great condition by the end of the competition! Congratulations Jimmy!

Conker Comp Final 2019

Congratulations to Fionn  who was crowned Conker Comp Champion 2019 today. The exciting game took place in the hall in front of the whole school as Fionn took on fellow class mate David  in the final. The semi final was an all sixth class affair with David beating Brian  and Fionn beating Malachy  to reach the final. This is the first year that any boy from this class won the Conker Comp and the boys were delighted!


Conker Comp Final 2018

Congratulations to Andres on his victory in the David Geary Perpetual Conker competition. Hard luck to a terrifically sporting runner up John. It took a long time for this game to conclude but what a conker match it was!

Conker Comp Final 2017

This year’s semi-finals saw three 6th class boys and one from 3rd left to battle it out for a place in the final. Despite the odds, and great excitement in the 6th class room, the overall winner was Callum from 3rd class! Callum defeated a super competitor and gracious runner up, Rhys, in the final. Well done Callum!

Conker Comp Final 2016

Conker Comp 2016 Round 3

Conker Comp 2016 Round 2

Conker Comp 2016 Round 1

Conkers 2015

Congratulations to Charlie on winning the Conker Comp 2015! Charlie’s brother Billy won the competition in 2009 so the David Geary trophy heads to Neville household for a second time. In an all 6th class final, Charlie was up against Christian. Going into the final, Christian’s conker was showing signs of stress and it couldn’t hold out against Charlie’s French conker.

Conkers 2014

This year’s Conker Competition final was a great event with Eoin and Niall battling it out for the title. There was huge excitement on the day and the boys were delighted to see Mr. Fahy return to make the presentations. Congratulations to Eoin for being crowned King of the Conkers 2014.

Conkers 2013

The reigning champion, Shane Hannigan, proved to be unstoppable once again this year as he claimed victory in the Conker Comp 2013. A fellow 5th class student, Ethan Berkery Kelly, was Shane’s opponent in the final but was unable to dethrone the champion.

Conkers 2012

This year played host to a tough competition with numerous great battles taking place.  Shane Hannigan of 4th class was crowned Conker Champion in late October. James McCann of 6th class proved to be a very worthy opponent but his conker could not withstand the might of Shane’s conker!

Conkers 2011

Paddy Crowley won the Conker Comp this year. Paddy made his debut in the competition as a 1st class pupil and defeated Liam Connolly of 2nd class in the final.

Conkers 2010

 Dylan Canty is our Conker Champion for 2010. He defeated Ben O’Brien in the final. A total of 66 boys from 1st to 6th class participated in the knock-out competition.

Conkers 2009

Billy Neville from 1st class was our champion in 2009 defeating the unlucky Peter McCann in the final. Billy got his winning conker from Peter before the competition actually began.