Green Flag Raising Celebration




On Friday 19th June Alan Cadogan came to our school to raise our 3rd green flag for energy. We had a great day. The sun was shining so we all went out to the front yard to watch. Our Green Schools Committee sat on chairs beside Gabby our Gardener, Micheal Chairperson of our BOM, Bernard from Centra and local Tidy Towns, Deirdre from our local Tidy Towns Committee and Mary  from our Board of Management. Mr Lyons introduced our guest Alan and he talked to us about hurling and how to improve our skills. Our Green Schools Committee told us about all the jobs they have done over the last two years to get this flag. Bernard thanked us for our clean ups around the village and we thanked him for all the treats he has given us during the year. We gave Gabby three cheers for all his hard work in our school gardens. 3rd and 4th classes sang a verse of the Banks of my own lovely Lee. After the flag was raised we took photos of the committee with our guests. Later that day we had a party in our classrooms with drinks and treats. We had a great day celebrating our 3rd green flag!!

Green Schools Awards Ceremony 27-5-15 


imageimageIMG_0976We are pleased to announce we have been very successful in achieving our targets and have been awarded our third green flag for energy. Our green schools committee and all our staff and pupils worked hard over the last two years to accomplish this. Adam, Alex and Padraig travelled with Miss Maher to the Awards Ceremony in the Silver Springs Hotel to collect our green flag and certificate. We will be celebrating our achievement in the next few weeks when we raise the flag high outside our school!    

Gas and Electricity figures for 2013-2015

We reduced our electricity use by 16%


Green Schools Committee 2014-2015

GS Committee 2014-2015


Green Schools Committee daily jobs

•Monitor the recycling and reuse box in your classroom

•Litter warden duty on yard

•Turn off taps and lights in your classroom+ toilets

•Turn off appliances when not in use in your classroom

•Keep your classroom door closed

•Close any door when you see it open


•8:45a.m. Every Tuesday 6th class read gas+ electric meters


•1:00p.m. Every Tuesday 5th class bring in bins from road


•1:00p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday

   Clean Classroom Competition check

**On Friday give the star+ trophy to the cleanest room of the week, put a tick on the ‘clean classroom winner’ sheet**

 March- 6th class

 April- 5th class

 May- 4th class

 June- 3rd class


•2:20p.m. Every day

6th class collect recycling from classrooms

5th class turn off taps+ lights in resource room+ staff room, and switches in staff room

4th class turn off taps+ lights in staff toilets, boys’ toilets and Antonette’s office


Energy Green Code

by Leo McCarthy 2nd class

Keep the future bright
By turning off the light,
And do the earth a favour
By being a power saver,
By saving electricity
It gives us good publicity.

Green Schools Committee 2013-2014


We held an energy poster competition in our school. We all designed posters with pictures and slogans for saving energy. The ideas in the posters were as important as the drawings and pictures. The above boys were then selected for the Green Schools Committee. Here are some of the posters we designed:

At our first meeting we formed a list of jobs to be carried out by the committee:

 •Litter warden duty on yard

 •Turn off taps in your own classroom+ toilets

 •1:00p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday

 Clean Classroom Competition check:

 October- 6th class

 November- 5th class

 December- 4th class

 January- 3rd class

 February- 2nd class

 March- 1st class

 April- 6th class

 May- 5th class

 June- 4th class

 •2:20p.m. every day

 4th class turn off taps in resource room+ staff room

 5th class turn off taps in staff toilets and boys’ toilets

 6th class collect recycling from classrooms


 Energy Use Audit October 2013

Appliance Quantity Hours Hours Total energy
    per day per week used per wk
CD player 4 1.25 8 0.8
Laptop 12 60.5 301.5 25.85
Battery Charger 1   1 0.2
Hot water emmersion 2   2 9.6
Overhead projector 3 13 65 6.7
Microphone 1 6 30 3
Interactive whiteboard 6 32.5 161.5 26.3
Alarm 1 14 120  
Speaker 20 21 104 5.1
Phone 4 96 672 67.2
Hand-dryers 6 3 15 19.5
Computer 1 0.5 2.5 0.25
Internet modem 2 48 336 33.6
Printer 2 5.5 26.5 5.3
CCTV monitor 1 24 168 16.8
Laminator 1 1 5 1.25
CCTV cameras 3 72 504 100.8
Microwave 2 0.25 1.25 1.625
Toaster 2 0.5 2.5 3
Kettle 1 0.5 2.5 4.5
Dishwasher 1 1 5 12
Fridge 1 24 168 43.68
Berker 1 5 25 12


Tips for Energy Conservation at home

Turn off appliances when they are not in use. Do not leave them on standby. Standby can use up to 20% on some inefficient appliances.

• Buy A rated appliances for your Home. This can be a huge saving of €150 annually on your electricity bill.

Turn down your heating – by even 1 degree Celsius and it will save you up to €150 per year of your money. A 10% percent saving.

• Buy energy efficient light bulbs (CFLs) instead of traditional bulbs – they use 1/5th energy and last up to 10 times as long. They will pay for themselves in under a year and from then on they are saving you on your electricity bill

Attic Insulate – insulating your attic will keep the heat in your home for longer and pay for itself in 2-3 years.

Fit a lagging jacket – lagging your hot water tank will keep the water hotter for longer and will have paid for itself in a few months.

Don’t overfill your kettle – boil only as much water as you need.

Walk or cycle to work instead of driving – it costs nothing and it’s healthy for you.

Use the clothesline when possible – Tumble dryers use a lot of energy.

Buy Local Produce – A considerable amount of energy is consumed transporting produce around the globe, reduce this by sourcing food form a local farmers market and also help the local economy.


Useful Energy Websites


Energy Saving Tips at home and at school

1. Unplug electrical equipment – computers, mobile phone chargers – equipment on stand-by uses up to 20%the energy it would use when fully on.

2. Switch off lights & heating when you don’t need them.

3. Don’t overfill the kettle – only boil as much water as you need.

4. Avoid unnecessary electricity use between 5pm to 7pm – help reduce national CO2 emissions.

5. Turn your heating down to a comfortable 20ºC – lowering your thermostat by 1ºC will knock 10% off your heating bill.

6. Use compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) instead of traditional bulbs – they use 20% the energy and last up to 15 times as long.

7. If you have a short commute, walk or cycle instead of driving.

8. On cold, sunny days, open shades or blinds, to reduce the need for your heating. On darker days, close these blinds to keep the heat in.

9. Instead of opening the windows when it gets warm, turn down/off the radiator.