Mrs.Rooney came to visit the boys in 2nd class on the 12th March as part of our Action Day. She is an experienced gardener and gave the boys lots of tips and shared her knowledge with them. We have purchased a poly tunnel and are awaiting it’s arrival and she helped the boys set a few things to get them started when it arrives.

She transplanted some chives from her own garden and each boy got to plant his own. She brought an example of some pollen to show the class what the bees love. She also had an aloe vera plant which she explained can be used to treat a minor burn.  The boys also set an Irish primrose and she gave them some more seeds to plant in the coming weeks. She had a comfrey plant which can be used to even make our own fertiliser!

She had some great tips for keeping the slugs away from all the lovely things we have been growing. You can used old egg shells and dry them out in the oven. they can be crushed up then and sprinkled all around the plant to protect it. Slugs and snails don’t like the texture of them so they are a great deterrent.

Mrs.Rooney will be back to visit and to see the progress of our planting in the coming weeks. The boys really enjoyed the talk and they got to do so much as well. A sincere thank you to Mrs.Rooney for her time and sharing of her knowledge.